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Tavern is a complex of establishments where travelers can seek food, drink and lodging. It usually served as a community gathering place as well as a place for relaxation. Moreover on some festive occasions young people were organizing folk games and dancing evenings here.

The tavern complex consisted of several barns, a horse stable, a cellar and a shadoof. In the tavern one could find “sieni” (an inner porch), “šinok” (a pub), several guest rooms, a shop, a kitchen and owners living rooms. “Sieni” is a transition space between the outdoor and indoor areas (“šinok”, guest rooms where people can stay overnight and so on).

The tavern from Chvojeva village, Niasvi? region, Minsk province which dates back to the early 19th century is a part of exposition zone “Central Belarus”. It was transported to the museum in 1986 and after restoration process became an exhibit.

Apart from being a museum object it serves the purpose of public catering. Here you can enjoy traditional Belarusian cuisine in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Since 2006 more than 70 people can be served here at a time. It offers “draniki” (potato pancakes), “vereschaka” (a dish with home-made sausages served in a pot), “sbitie?” (hot drink based on honey mixed with water, spices, and jam) and other traditional Belarusian foods and beverages.

In summer there are seats in the tavern yard under a bulrush canopy while in the future we are planning to renovate the whole tavern complex

For more information about tavern, please visit the following site: http://kamyanitsa.by/en/home/.

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