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Landscape & Ethnography Department

Head of Landscape & Ethnography Department

Sviatlana Ta?laj

Telephone: (8-017) 513 86 10

Landscape & Ethnography Department is a museum structural unit since 1994. The department team consists of historians, I category agronomist, gardening technician and greenery worker.

Covering 373 acres of land, the museum is an object of cultural, historical, natural and ecological heritage. Revealing and preserving original landscapes similar to natural and geographical environment of all six Belarusian historical and ethnographic regions are the main aims of Landscape & Ethnography Department. To achieve them the department staff has practically finished the implementation of the landscaping project worked out by the Belarusian Technological Institute in 1990. This project involves garden maintenance and environment protection as well as landscape planting that visually determines museum boundaries and zones the museum area into several expositions. Greenery planting is held in accordance with the amount of forests, tree species and distinctive shrubbery of a particular region of the Republic of Belarus.

The authentic form and character of all the exhibits presented on the exposition zones are cautiously restored. Thanks to greenery and small architectural constructions such as fences, draw wells, front gardens as well as fruit and vegetable gardens of the farmstead complexes, everything here looks complete and all-of-a-piece and gives you a deep understanding of how our ancestors lived and what cultural values they had. At present the department staff is in charge of improving ethnographic and landscape expositions, looks after wild-growing forests on the museum territory as well as caries about fruit and vegetable gardens of the farmstead complexes. Moreover the department workers solve agronomy problems and protect flora and fauna of the museum.

Picturesque and beautiful landscapes of the museum, atmosphere of rural settlement with organic farms, blossoming front gardens and orchards maintained by the Landscape & Ethnography Department staff make you feel at home in our museum complex.