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Research & Exhibition Department

Head of Research & Exhibition Department

Natallia Hiermackaja

Telephone: (8-017) 511 -53 -57

The main duty and focus of the Research & Exhibition Department is the creation of an open-air museum complex. It is a long-term, multistep and complicated process. The museum researchers should have deep knowledge of history, ethnography and architecture. When developing an exhibition, our experts need to decide its general topic then to choose the best layout of each exhibit, to arrange all the exhibits in one architectural ensemble and etc. The aim of these activities is to create a complex exhibition of traditional material culture where everything looks complete and all-of-a-peace. Moreover it should be an exhibition where all Belarusian regions are represented in the form of exhibition zones where every zone can serve as separate regional museum.

In order to conduct a more thorough and deep research into the topic of the main exhibition, the department staff carry out theme projects, organize separate theme exhibitions, study and develop types of small architectural constructions. Decorative design of the exhibitions is made by museum architects.

The department team consists of senior and junior researchers, architects and museum custodians.

Research & Exhibition Department works on the following aspects:

- developing and improving main and supporting exhibitions;
- looking for new exhibits of museum value in order to enrich the present museum collection;
- studying and analyzing present museum collection;
- conducting scientific analysis of archives, historical and ethnographical documentation and materials in order to organize new projects and to improve present ones;
- creating excursion materials;
- preparing scientific reports and articles;

The Department conducts research into the following topics: “The interior of the Uniate Church”, “The place of “no?va” in the Belarusian folk culture”, “Child’s world in rural village” and etc.

The results of research and scientific work are approbated on various seminars, workshops, research conferences and so on.