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Restoration & Construction Service
Head of Restoration & Construction Service
Dzmitryj Pan?anka
Telephone: +375 17 513 86 10

Restoration & Construction Service is a museum structural unit typical to all open-air museums. Objects of tangible cultural heritage including relics of wooden folk architecture are exhibited in nonstandard temperature and humidity conditions. Wood is not very durable material. That is why the museum faces the problem of preserving wooden items of historical and cultural value. Our staff ensures safety of the collected and restored objects. Restorers and carpenters carry out restoration and repair works.

The main aims of Restoration & Construction Service are the following:
- to remove mold contaminated elements from all types of wooden constructions and to replace them with good ones;
- to monitor the technical state of the museum rarities;
- to determine the necessity for carrying out engineering and other types of activities in preserving objects of historical and cultural value.

Our specialists should be able to use folk techniques of wood processing and methods of building wooden constructions, to make thatched and reed roofs, to use traditional tools and up-to-date equipment properly, to know safety regulations and to apply them in their work.

Anyway all restoration and repair works should be carried out so that the museum objects could provide reliable information about the peculiarities of the Belarusian folk architecture.