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14 January



(Generous Eve)

An entertaining Christmas program which comprises a tradition of house to house Christmas carol-singing.


12 February


«With love from Belarus»

(Saint Valentine’s Day)

A celebration of love. All visitors will have an opportunity to participate in various games and competitions organized by our museum staff.


25 February



(Pancake festival)

An ancient folk holiday of imminent end of winter and the beginning of spring, celebrated during the last week before Great Lent.


18 March


«Hukannie viasny»

(Spring welcoming)

Ancient spring welcoming holiday where visitors will hear traditional songs called «viasnianki».


9 April


«Pussy Willow Sunday»

Blessing pussy willow branches; showing the tradition «Decorating icon corner with pussy willow branches»; workshop on decorating pussy willow branches.


7 May


«Saint George’s Day»

The feast day of Saint George – patron saint of domestic animals and fields.


18 May


International Museum Day

Opening of the exhibition dedicated to the International Museum Day.


27 – 28 May

(Saturday – Sunday)

«The era of knights»

Festival of medieval culture and traditions: competitions, archer’s tournament, medieval music? folk dances and etc.


30 – 31 May (Thuesday – Wednesday)

School graduation party

Entertaining activities, interesting competitions and disco party for school leavers.


3 June


«Green week»

This holiday is closely linked with agricultural rites and shows the respect for plants. We also invite you to participate in a workshop on the wreaths weaving which will be organized during the event.


24 June



(Ivan Kupala Day)

Ancient holiday which includes traditional songs, dancing in a ring, wreaths weaving, looking for the fern flower («папараць-кветка») and etc.


12 August


Harvest festival «Žycień»

A tradition harvest festival during which you will be able to see how to cut the crops according to Belarusian traditions.


19 August


«The Savior of the Apple Feast Day»

The Savior of the Apple Feast Day is a folk holiday where people can people bless their vegetables and fruits as well as take part in entertaining interactive program.


The beginning of September

Folk festival «Kamianica»

One of the largest folk festivals in Belarus held outdoors in a picturesque museum village. It brings together famous folk groups from Belarus and all over the world. Something for everyone in the heart of folk!


16 September


Ritual event «Žanićba komina»

A traditional Belarusian ritual of fire worship.


30 September


Teacher’s Day

Various games and competitions, music and dancing party for all engaged in an educational sphere.


14 October (Saturday)

Pakroŭ fair

(«Pakroŭ» is often translated as «Feast of the Intercession»)

This autumn feast celebrates the end of all field works. Visit our country fair and participate in our cultural program.


5 November


Ritual event «Dziady» (Ancestors Day)

Traditional ritual event held to commemorate dead ancestors, show love, remembrance and respect to the family.


18 November


«Pilipaŭskija viačorki»

(Saint Philip’s Day)

This event is directly connected with various traditional household chores so we invite you to participate in our spinning workshop.


23 December




«Kaliady» is an ancient tradition when people go from one house to another, knock on people-s doors, sing carols and collect gifts on Christmas eve. It’s a perfect opportunity to hear folk songs and learn how to dance traditional dances.